October 2014 Minutes

Meeting led by: Rusty Griffin-Co-Chair

In attendance: See attached roster

10:08 AM        Call to order

10:10 AM        Mike Taylor with Ashland Chemical, provided a brief introduction and presentation to his facility and operations.

10:15 AM        David Jones with the Jacksonville Fire Department provided training “Safety & Health”

11:00 AM        Approval of minutes (not accomplished due to no minutes being available)

11:05 AM        Bill Davis with Cameron provided a Conference Overview.  And a summary of Lessons Learned and overview of the Surveys received.

11:10 AM        New Business

Recommendation put forth by Co-Chair Rusty Griffin to form a 5 body leadership team comprised of 3 added positions (secretary, treasurer, communication officer) and renaming of Co-Chairs to Chair and Vice Chair. After discussion it was decided to move this matter to the December 2014 meeting so that opposing views and supporting views of this recommendation could be brought before the entire group before voting.

11:20 AM     Terry Bryant-SET Inc. “Grants for safety, training, & environmental compliance needs”

  • Grant available for job training (not safety related) with a 50% reimbursement.
    • This can only be used for OJT in a position, can’t be used for safety

Contact Terry Bryant for information

Terry Bryant



OFFICE: 501-568-3111

CELL: 501-454-0708

  • Ark Science and Technology Authority
    • $5,000 grant toward technology (can be received 2 times per year)
  • IH monitoring/Stormwater
  • Other technology related issues
  • Training is excluded

11:30 AM     Meeting Adjournment

12:00 PM     Mike provided tour of Ashland facility.

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