October 2012 Minutes


ADOL Training Room

October 19, 2012


Quinton Simison, BASF

Bubba Renigar, West Memphis Steel

Randall Crabtree, Brock Group

B. Blake, Brock Group

John Davis,  Brock Group

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas

Arlie Bradbury, Welspun

Steve Harper, Arcom

Kelly Olivier, Anthony Forest

Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Matthew Hoppis, Cintas

Melissa Mayer, G4S

Mike Taylor, Ashland

Marc Kelley, Cintas

Lester Allen, Cintas

Mark Howell, Frito Lay

David Trigg, USDOL/OSHA

Carlos Reynolds, OSHA

Jeff Feuerbacher, Airgas

Tonia Cooper, ADOL

Kim Fischer, ADOL

Milana Dennis, ADOL

Nita Matlock, ADOL



Quinton welcomed everyone and introduced James Salkeld and Ed House for comments. Mr. Salkeld made remarks and thanked everyone for coming.

After a quick reading of minutes of the August meeting, the minutes were approved unanimously. Quinton asked each person in the room to introduce themselves.

Tonia Cooper provided Guidelines for Organizing and Implementing a SHARP/VPP Conference. (Attached)

Quinton introduced the speaker, Jeff Feuerbacher, Airgas who presented a program, complete with handout, of handling and disposal of compressed gas cylinders.


New Business

Quinton suggested that the ARDOL would report on the recent presentation of awards at the beginning of each of the monthly meeting.

Quinton called for a discussion of the program for the September 20, 2012 program. Feedback was good.

Denise reported the www.ArkansasSHARPandVPP.com website has not been updated with minutes and other important information.  The group agreed that the site should be become current. A motion for a new volunteer to fill the web master liaison role was put before the group. Mike Taylor with Ashland Chemicals and Kelly Olivier with Anthony Forestry Products stepped forward and will work with Denise Whittaker to keep the website current.

October 19, 2012 – Page 2

Incident Sharing

Questionable recordable -A knee-pop observed in an employee that turned out to be non-related to his job.

An unusually high occurrences of red wasp stings during late September.  Awareness of employees who have allergic reactions to insects. First aid responders should be trained in the use of Epipen Auto Injector. Employees with serious reaction may carry an Epi-pen but may require help administering.  There is also a product called Bee Buster that can be used on any nests spotted.

Sharp rise observed in stray dogs, stray cats and skunks.

There is NOT a November Meeting. The next meeting is 9:00 am, Thursday, December 6, 2012 at Little Rock Wastewater, 11 Clearwater Drive, Little Rock, AR 72204. (Off South Shackleford Road) This will be the planning meeting for 2013.


Action Items

Everyone – Come to December 6 meeting with calendar and ideas for topics.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00.

Milana Dennis

Arkansas Department of Labor

Attachment: Guidelines to Organizing and Implementing a SHARP/VPP Conference

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