October 2010 Minutes

SHARP/VPP Association Meeting Minutes – October 15, 2010


1.  Clarkgave an overview to the association regarding changes to the 1908 regulations which govern consultation activities.  Some changes noted included:

** Size limitation for SHARP sites where those that are larger employers

** Critical inspections can be made even on SHARP sites (i.e. national emphasis programs or targeted locations, etc.) These critical inspections could be any area deemed necessary by the Assistant Secretary of Labor.

** Referrals

This would allow OSHA to receive referrals by individuals like city engineers or safety professionals.  Then, the federal office could proceed to a compliance visit.

** Length of SHARP certificates

The SHARP sites will only have a one year duration time frame.  Currently, SHARP sites receive a  two -three year duration to participate on


2.  TheArkansasDepartment of Labor (ADOL) will sponsor a seminar on November 10th for grain industry facilities. The session will be presented by ADOL, and OSHA Area Offices fromArkansasandOklahoma. This training will take place inSpringdale,ARat theJonesCenter.  Training provided will cover 1910.272 requirements, combustible dust, lockout/tagout hazards, as well as, other OSHA issues important to that industry.

3.  The association discussed issues connected with the annual conference (i.e. concerns about meals, breaks, sessions, meeting rooms and the overall  conference).  The group discussed the pros and cons of the entire conference.

4.  Evaluations from the SHARP/VPP conference were discussed. There were 159 participants and 92 evaluations were turned in for review.  Good comments were received in these evaluations, and many conference participants elaborated on the questions they answered. The group discussed the cost to attend the conference, as well as, concerns regarding the breaks, locations of activities, etc. The group reviewed what changes they would like to see in preparing for the next conference.

5.  Everyone was invited to attend the Regional Conference Planning Meeting on December 2, 2010 at theLittle RockWastewaterDistributionCenter. The SHARP Association will meet that same day and at the same location at 9:30 a.m.


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