May 2011 Minutes

Quinton Simison Quinton.Simison@BASF.Com
Dennis Sullivan
Lea Ann Shivers LAShivers@GAPAC.Com
Ed Phillips Edward.Phillips@GAPAC.Com
Andy Kelloms Andy.Kelloms@Falconjet.Com
Denise Whittaker USdha@Icopal.Com
Juanita Matlock Juanita.Matlock@Arkansas.Gov
Clark Thomas
Kim Fischer
Mark Howell
Kelly Olivier

May 31, 2011

Quinton welcome the group to the meeting: the purpose of this meeting was to finalize the brochure.

The theme for the SHARP/VPP conference will be Partners in Safety.

Topics for the conference were discussed, it was suggested that the final decisions on the topic will be done at the next meeting.

It was suggested that lunch time should be changed, we will only need one room for the meet and greet.

There is no information on the website about the SHARP/VPP conference. It was suggested that we add the minutes of the meeting on the website, pictures etc.

Denise will check on prices for bump stickers and magnets which will help promote the SHARP/VPP Association.

Lea Ann is going to get quotes for t-shirt for the Association.

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