March 2012 Minutes


SHARP/VPP Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2012


James Salkeld, Director ADOL                              Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Quinton Simison, BASF                                         Melissa Mayer, G4S Secure Solutions

Sara Avey, Potlatch Corp.                                     Kortney Atchley, Cintas

Joey McDougald, Potlatch Corp.                             David Trigg, USDOL/OSHA

Jim Dickerson,BrentwoodIndustries                    Brian Maxwell, Cintas

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber Comp.                  Tonia Cooper, ADOL

Arlie Bradbury, Welspun                                        Amanda Ward, Bad Boy, Inc.

Jake Bowers, Welspun                                          Cody Duren, Cameron Valves

Ocie Robinson, ADOL                                           Tom Kubaiko, Langston Comp.

Mike Taylor,Ashland                                             Wayne Croom, Langston Comp.

Doug Germann, Raytheon, Inc.                             Nita Matlock, ADOL

Joel Neisler, Zero Mountain, Inc.                           Kim Fischer, ADOL

Tommy Short, L’Oreal

Marc Kelly, Cintas

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas

Joe Bickford, G4S Secure Solutions


The Arkansas SHARP/VPP Association meeting was held at the Arkansas Department of Labor. Quinton Simison opened the meeting and Arkansas Department of Labor Director, James Salkeld made opening remarks and welcomed everyone.


Members received minutes from previous meeting held on February 17, 2012, and after making everyone aware of a correction that was needed, the minutes were accepted. Quinton shared highlights of the last meeting and mentioned the training topic that was covered.




Clark Thomas, Safety Administrator with the Arkansas Department of Labor gave a brief presentation on details concerning Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) size requirements.Clarkspoke about a recent memo from the OSHA National Office covering this issue.  Prior to covering this,Clarkasked if anyone would share a few highlights of their journey of becoming a SHARP or VPP site.  Mark Howell with Frito Lay shared several details regarding their process in achieving VPP status. He felt the main point was to have consistent employee involvement throughout your organization’s safety efforts. He also mentioned the key to attaining VPP status was ownership & engagement. Several other company representatives shared points relating to their experiences in working to become SHARP and VPP sites.


Clarkaddressed the guidance outlined by OSHA regarding SHARP size requirements of establishment participating in the program. Companies allowed to participate would have 250 or fewer employees at the establishment location and 500 or fewer employees throughout the corporation.  Companies with numbers exceed these sizes will be unable to participate in SHARP. The requirements will impact some of ourArkansassites currently on SHARP.

One safety representative present, Jim Dickerson with Brentwood Industries, shared a few details on this requirement impacting their organization’s continued participation.Brentwoodhad recently experienced growth in employment numbers that exceeded the size limits. Jim indicated that their company was looking into VPP participation.  Clarkreviewed the recent letter concerning Employer Safety Incentive & Disincentive polices and practices.



Annual SHARP/VPP Conference Planning


The group discussed potential topics for the annual SHARP/VPP conference which is to take place on September 20, 2012 inLittle Rock.  The following topics and speakers were identified during the meeting:


Leading & Lagging Indicators                                                                               Tommy Short – L’Oreal


Contractor Management/ Work Permitting                                                           Melissa Mayer – G4S Secure Solutions


Lockout/Tagout- How it works with contractors/groups/shift changes                Andy Kelloms – Falcon Jet


ARC Flash/NFPA 70E                                                                                           Mark Kelley – Cintas


Make Safety Training Fun                                                                                     Mark Howell   –   Frito Lay


Ladder Safety/Equipment Inspections/Contractor Equipment                              Joel Neisler –ZeroMountain


Recordkeeping/DART/TRC                                                                                    Kim Fischer – ADOL


Ergonomic Assessments


Teaching Hazard Recognition to Recognition to Employees                                Mark Howell – Frito Lay


New Employee Orientation                                                                                    Angelia Hogan – Georgia Pacific


Off the Job Safety


SHARP/ VPP/ SGE Qualifications


Regional OSHA Updates


Other conference planning needs were covered. Quinton asked if companies would consider covering breaks at the annual conference to help the group with hosting the event. Quinton summarized areas that would need to be addressed in the next meeting. The group would need to select;

1)      Conference Theme

2)      Break sponsors

3)      Sharley Petit Award

4)      Door Prizes


On July 9th, 2012 Ashland Chemical will be hosting an SGE class, interested persons should contact;

Joe Jenko,


The next meeting will be on April 20, 2012 at the Arkansas Department of Labor.


Arkansas SHARP / VPP Association Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Speaker Location
1/20/12 OSHA Regulatory changes for   2012, NEP, REP, LEP OSHA Representative ARDOL Office
2/17/12 Changes to SHARP Program ARDOL Representative Little Rock  Waste Water,Shackleford Rd
3/16/12 Earthquake Planning SERI/CERT ARDOL Office
4/20/12 Work Zones in General   Industry Andy Kellom ARDOL Office
5/15-18/12 Region VI VPPA Conference Forth WorthTexas
6/15/12 TBA Rusty Cameron Facility
7/20/12 TBA ARDOL Office
8/20-23/12 National VPPPA Conference Anaheim,CA
9/20/12 SHARP /VPPState  Conference Holiday Inn,Little Rock
10/19/12 TBA ARDOL Office
11/16/12 TBA ARDOL Office
12/6/12 Annual Planning Mtg ARDOL Little Rock  Waste Water,Shackleford Rd



2012 Safety and Health Conferences

05/10/2012  Russellville OSHA Safety Conference Training

06/14/2012 West MemphisOSHA Safety Conference Training

08/09/2012  Bentonville OSHA Safety Conference Training

08/15/2012  Ashdown OSHA Safety Conference Training

08/29/2012 JonesboroOSHA Safety Conference Training

09/27/2012  Batesville OSHA Safety Conference Training

10/11/2012  Hope OSHA Safety Conference Training

10/25/2012 BlythevilleOSHA Safety Conference Training


Contact Nita Matlock at 501-682-9092 for information concerning the Private Sector


Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 11:45 AM
Walter, Mary – OSHA; Carlos Reynolds; Clark Thomas;; Edward House (ADL);; Juanita.Matlock; Milana Dennis (ADL); Ocie Robinson; Tonia Cooper
Fw: SHARP / VPP Mtg reminder

Please plan on Joining us for our next meeting:
April 20, 2012
, 10:00 am
Arkansas Dept of Labor Office

Speaker: Andy Kelloms

Action Items from the last meeting

Conference Theme Suggestions with a graphic

Door Prizes

Break Sponsorship


Attached is a copy of last months meeting minutes

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