March 2011 Minutes




SHARP / VPP Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2011


Quinton Simison

Tom Ireland

Deanna Dykes

Joel Dykes

Ed Phillips 

Chris Beason

Denise Whittaker

Mark Howell

Joe Jenko 

Mike Taylor

Sara Alvey

Kelly Olivier

Lester Allen

Wes Thornton

Justin Brown

Clark Thomas

Angelia Hogan

Eric Armstrong

Rusty Griffin

Juanita Matlock

Kim Fischer

The meeting was held at L’Oreal inNorth Little Rock.  Tommy Short of L’Oreal gave an overview of the safety procedures of the plant, in case of an emergency.


Tommy gave a PowerPoint presentation about the products that they make at the facility. He also told us about the different awards that the company had received.


We watched a video entitled “Thank You for Being Safe!”  This video was produced by ERI.


After Tommy’s, presentation Quinton presided over the meeting.  Quinton asked for topic suggestions for the upcoming SHARP/VPP meetings.


The speakers for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September have been confirmed.


The Regional Conference is in May in San Antonio, Texas.  The Nation Conference is August 29th thru September 1, 2011 inNew Orleans. Clark Thomas will speak at this meeting.  Clark asked that other companies try to attend and participate in the conference.  It was suggested that invitations be sent out to encourage companies to attend the conference.


Quinton asked for a volunteer to write the next newsletter for the ADOL quarterly publication. Micki Wilburn with J A Riggs wrote the last letter.


The next meeting will be held on April 22, 2011 at ADOL (Arkansas Department of Labor) at 10:00 a.m.  A planning group will meet at theCrownPlaza, 201 South Shackelford at 8:30 to discuss a possible new location for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September.


Several people went on a tour of the L’Oreal plant after the meeting.


Meeting adjourn


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