June 2012 Minutes


Cameron Valve

June 15, 2012 Minutes


Quinton Simison, BASF

Sam Goodman, BASF

Kortney Atchley, Cintas

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas

Julie Roberson,AnthonyForestProducts

Mike Taylor,Ashland

Bob Stutler, Cameron Valve

Chris Nolan, Cameron Valve

LawrenceThomas, Cameron Valve

Will Ketterman, Cameron Valve

Merceree Jones, Cameron Valve

Leslie Carlton, Cameron Valve

Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Todd Franks, Siplast

David Gombrich, Parker Hannifin

Cody Duren, Cameron Valve

Beau Saunders, Cameron Valve

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber

Melissa Mayer, G4S

Will Barnes, Cameron Valve (Houston)

Tonya Morris, Cameron Valve (Houston)

Rusty Griffin, Cameron Valve

Sara Alvey, Potlatch

Catina Newton, Potlatch

Joel Neisler,ZeroMountain

Clark Thomas, ADOL

Ocie Robinson, ADOL

Tonia Cooper, ADOL

Kim Fischer, ADOL

Nita Matlock, ADOL

Milana Dennis, ADOL




Rusty Griffin welcomed the group to Cameron Valve and gave an overview of the morning activities. As is their custom in Cameron Safety Briefings, he asked for safety moment. Ocie Robinson gave a near miss with another car on the way to the meeting. Rusty then turned the meeting over to Quinton Simison.


Old Business

Quinton Simison asked for corrections or additions to the April 20 minutes.  Approval of the minutes was unanimous. Quinton asked each person to introduce themselves to the group.


The Annual Conference, September 20, 2012, was discussed.  The conference site and lodging have been finalized and the contract signed for theHolidayInnAirportinLittle   Rock. A suite has been assigned for meet-and-greet hospitality on the evening of September 19. Additionally, sleeping rooms are available for reservation by individuals by calling the hotel directly.



The theme and topics of discussions and presenters were finalized. They are:



The program graphics will be designed jointly by Melissa Mayer, G4S; Kortney Atchley, Cintas; and Kim Fischer, ADOL within two weeks. The mailing should go out six weeks before the Conference which would be the week of August 6th.



Leading vs. Lagging Indicators — Tommy Short, L’Oreal

Arc Flash — Cintas

Making Safety Training Fun — Mark T. Howell, Frito Lay

Recordkeeping/DART/TRC — Kim Fischer, ADOL

New Employee Orientation — Angelia Hogan, GP

Fall Protection & Ladder Safety — Quinton Simison, BASF & Joel Niesler, Zero Mtn.

Lockout/Tagout: Groups, Contractors, Shift Change — Andy Kelloms, Falcon Jet

Contractor Management & Work Permitting — Melissa Mayer, G4S


How to Become SHARP & VPP – ??

OSHA National/Regional — Clark Thomas to finalize with Rich Fairfax


The Letter of Invitation is finalized and ready to print. Quinton volunteered to print 100 copies for ADOL to mail and asked for other volunteers to print additional copies.



Rusty Griffin introduced Detective Trent from the Little Rock Police Department. He is part of a department which only works with crimes against children including internet predators. DetectiveTrentpresented “Sexting and Internet Predators…What every kid should know”.


Incidents Sharing

Preventative maintenance – and old air brake lift parked and left unattended; the brakes failed and the lift rolled into an electrical panel.


Road worker playing dodge ball with cars on interstate while on the job. Such incidences should be reported to OSHA Little Rock Regional Office at 501-224-1841.The incident should be documented with cell phone pictures when possible, (stop driving then take the picture).


Joel Neisler,ZeroMountain, asked that everyone to send distracted driving policies, ideas and comments to him.


Milana Dennis, ADOL




Arkansas SHARP / VPP Association Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Speaker Location
1/20/12 OSHA Regulatory changes for   2012, NEP, REP, LEP OSHA Representative ARDOL Office
2/17/12 Changes to SHARP Program ARDOL Representative Little Rock  Waste Water,Shackleford Rd
3/16/12 Earthquake Planning SERI/CERT ARDOL Office
4/20/12 Work Zones in General   Industry Andy Kellom ARDOL Office
5/15-18/12 Region VI VPPA Conference   Forth WorthTexas
6/15/12 Sexting and Internet   Predator’s Rusty Cameron Facility
7/20/12 Audio testing TBA ARDOL Office
8/20-23/12 National VPPPA Conference   Anaheim,CA
9/20/12 SHARP /VPPState  Conference   Holiday Inn,Little Rock
10/19/12 TBA   ARDOL Office
11/16/12 TBA   ARDOL Office
12/6/12 Annual Planning Mtg ARDOL Little Rock  Waste Water,Shackleford Rd



2012 Safety and Health Conferences


08/09/2012  Bentonville OSHA Safety Conference Training

08/15/2012  Ashdown OSHA Safety Conference Training

08/29/2012 JonesboroOSHA Safety Conference Training

09/27/2012  Batesville OSHA Safety Conference Training

10/11/2012  Hope OSHA Safety Conference Training

10/25/2012 BlythevilleOSHA Safety Conference Training

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