June 2011 Minutes

June 17, 2011


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The meeting was held at Cameron Valve inLittle Rock; opening remarks by Rusty Griffin.


Safety Information: Meeting area for Evacuation, Restrooms, Cell Phones, Safety Tour Representatives and PPE requirements for Tour.


Carlos Reynolds reviewed information from the regional OSHA directors meeting; NEP on incentive programs and the latest interpretation when using lagging indicators.  The preference is to use leading indicators; observations, inspections and First Aids were examples given.  Currently, there have been 17 fatalities this year with the high trending in falls and electrical incidents.


Quinton Simison welcomed everyone and review the minutes from the previous meeting.  Old business included the Purchase of bumper sticker.  Lea Ann found a source and a sample was displayed to the group. The cost is 0.90 cents each.  Any company willing to sponsor the purchase for the conference should contact Lea Ann Directly at lashivers@gapac.com.


Mark Howell was getting pricing on polo shirt with both logos for the association.  Lea Ann agreed to collect the names of those who want to place an order.  The cost is not known at this time.


Conference planning

All of the speakers and topics are in place for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September.  A draft brochure will be available at the next months meeting.


Statistic information is being collected by the ARDOL.  This information is used for membership and selection of the Sharley Pettit Award.  The selection will be made at the next monthly meeting.


National Conference

Early Registration is closing soon.  Get your registration turned in and notify Quinton you are attending.  There will be a meeting during this conference with the national board.


Guest Speaker:  K9 Demonstration was put on by theLittle   Rockpolice Department K41.  The team conducted an attack and take down maneuver.


Presentations by Keith Withro and Rusty Griffin


6S program – presentation showed; Before and After Photos, Red Tag procedure, Monthly inspection, Tracking and method used to encourage improvement.  The area with the best score received a Star and lunch.


Recognition Program – Employees collect points for participation in tool box safety meeting, leading a safety meeting, audits, inspections, and other activities.  The points are transferred to tickets that are placed in a drawing.  The more points an employee accumulates the more chances they have in the drawing.  Drawings were held once per quarter with 5 winners being selected.


Lunch was provided my Cameron


We were invited to go on a tour of Cameron.


Meeting adjourn


PS: Copies of the 6S Presentation are available upon request

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