July 2012 Minutes


ADOL Training Room

July 20, 2012


Quinton Simison, BASF

Joel Neisler,ZeroMountain

Mike Patton, Riggs Cat

Micki Wilbur, Riggs Cat

David Trigg, USDOL/OSHA

Carlos Reynolds, USDOL/OSHA

Mary Walter, USDOL/OSHA

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas

David Gombrich, Parker Hannifen

Andy Kelloms, DFS

Joseph Bickford, G4S

Joseph Jenko,Ashland

David Hodges, Producers Rice Mill

Lester Allen, Cintas

Melissa Mayer, G4S

Mark Howell, Frito Lay

Ocie Robinson, ADOL

Kim Fischer, ADOL

Milana Dennis, ADOL





Quinton welcomed everyone and asked for quick reading of minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were approved by acclamation. Quinton asked every person in the room to introduce themselves.


OSHA personnel David Trigg, Carlos Reynolds and Mary Walters reported safety incidences and discussed the current emphasis for safety Heat Stress and Fall Prevention.


The speaker, Dr. Jane Prince, a Clinical Audiologist presented a presentation of conservation of hearing in the work place.

Old Business


Quinton called for a discussion of the program for the September 20, 2012 program. The blanks were filled in and the program, letter and invitation to Meet-and-Greet Hospitality on September 19 will be mailed in the next week.


Incident Sharing


JA Riggs told about a new “slide sledge” which they have purchase for all their locations which takes the place of a sledgehammer. More information about the equipment can be found at www.safety.cat.com.


BASF – Hammers and Hands; incinerator hatch – six stiches in hand.


Parker – trouble with spiders, particularly black widow spiders, and other “Critters” which are prolific because of the mild winter and the hot and dry climate.


Mark Howell asked for any information and feedback from the committee on the incidence of complacency in the workplace. Many ideas were exchanged.

Lester Allen invited everyone to come to Cintas in Searcy on August 13 to celebrate being the first VPP site inArkansas. They festivities will be at 2:00 pm. For more information contact Lester.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15.


Milana Dennis

Arkansas Department of Labor

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