History  of the SHARP/ARVPP Association

The initial beginning was from a meeting with Clark Thomas and Pat Humphrey. Clark had a vision to connect SHARP companies with VPP companies in promoting safety throughout Arkansas with all employers. Form an association to work with the consultation and workers compensation commission mentoring companies across the state.

The idea was presented to Jamie Salkeld who agreed with the idea. Sharley Pettit was contacted by Clark Thomas and accepted the challenge. She took the proposed idea to region VI VPP for approval. Region VI was NOT receptive in the beginning. They feared this was an attempted to undermine or separate from the established national and regional associations.

However, persistence and re-assurance to Region VI allowed for the Arkansas VPP
Association to move forward. The First Meeting was held in Jonesboro Arkansas with
Region 6 representative giving a presentation for the development of Arkansas VPP
association (ARVPPA) with the following guidelines:

  • The goal is to make SHARP/VPP a household name with all employers in Arkansas.
  • Association will be open to all employers
  • Must promote Regional association membership and participation
  • No competing with the Regional or National associations
  • No meetings or conference conflicting with regional or national VPP conferences
  • No dues will be collected for membership
  • No attempt to establish 501c3
  • No use of Region or National name
  • No lobbing efforts allowed

The initial members developed the following criteria for the ARVPPA The organization is to establish a network of companies to promote the advancement of SHARP and VPP throughout the State of Arkansas.

  • The members of the association will manage itself
  • Meetings will rotate around the state to allow for regional participation
  • Training topics would be inline with mentoring companies to reach recognition as SHARP/VPP.
  • Association members agree to contribute to the welfare of the organization
  • Develop regional coordinator to highlight programs and recommend companies to DOL for SHARP /VPP program
  • Develop a list of resources within the association
  • Association member will participate in the regional conferences throughout the state to promote SHARP/VPP
  • Leadership Roles will consist of: Chairman, SHARP Co-Chair, VPP Co-Chair
  • Regional Coordinators, NE, SE, Central, NW, SW
  • Committees will be form as needed based on growth of association