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    According to OSHA statistics, 4,383 people died from work related injuries in 2012.  In that same year 120,859 other people died due to unintentional injury deaths.  That number is over 27 times higher.  We do a lot to keep people safe at work, but what do we do to make sure they are safe at home from injury.  Injured at home or injured at work, this still prevents people from working and being productive employees.

    Please log in and share your best practices on how you encourage your employees to be safe off the job.

    While we all want our employees to leave home in the same condition (except maybe a little more tired and a little dirtier) and with everything they came in with (except with their lunch box empty), it is just as important that they come to work uninjured as well.

    I will start the conversation with this idea.  At the beginning of summer you can provide summer PPE kits to take home.  These kits would include a pair of work gloves, a pair of safety glasses, some ear plugs and a cooling neck wrap.  You can get all of these from your PPE vendor or even at a local supply store or retail store.  Total cost for a kit can be less than $5 each.  By encouraging them to wear PPE when working safely at home, they are more likely to maintain this safe habit at work.  In addition, if it protects one worker from a single injury, is it worth the expense?

    Give us your thoughts or best practices.

    Hand these out as they drive in to work or as they are leaving and they can just leave them in the car.



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