February 2012 Minutes

February 17, 2012, 10:00 am
Little Rock Waste Water, 5300 Shackleford, Little Rock


Quinton Simison, BASF
Chris Todd, Superior Industries
Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber
Doug Germann, Ratheon
Joe Bickford, G4S
Mike Taylor, Ashland
Joe Jenko, Ashland
Misty Teague, USPS
Michael Crowe, USPS
David Trigg, USDOL/OSHA
Amanda Ward, Bad Boy, Inc
Scott Lancaster, Bad Boy, Inc
Kortney Atchley, Cintas
Tony Thorton, Medsafe
Todd Franks, Siplast
Jack Bowers, Welspun
Tim Gibson, Welspun
Joel Neisler, Zero Mountain, Inc
Melissa Mayer, G4S
Micki Wilbur, JA Riggs

Clark Thomas, ADOL
Ocie Robinson, ADOL
Tonia Cooper, ADOL
Kim Fischer, ADOL
Juanita Matlock, ADOL
Milana Dennis, ADOL
James Salkeld, ADOL
Ed House, ADOL

Quinton Simison opened the meeting with a welcome inviting James Salkeld for remarks. Mr. Salkeld welcomed the group and provided brief remarks.

Minutes of the January meeting were accepted as corrected. The corrections were: (1) Lester Allen did attend the meeting and (2) the Safety Conference dates listed were the wrong year. The correct 2012 dates are attached to these minutes.

The Speaker was introduced by Quinton. Katy Wilson, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) spoke with a PowerPoint presentation on Earthquakes, with special emphasis on Arknasas’ fault lines. She also provided a resource developed by ADEM called Arkansas Earth Quake Guide which is available in quantity from ADEM. A Copy of the PowerPoint presentation is to be on website. She advised all companies need an earth quake preparedness plan in place; both at their companies and in their employee’s homes. Ms. Wilson stressed the importance of educating employees and staff of the dangers of an earthquake and the likely hood that the infrastructure and communications would be impaired. Ms. Wilson emphasized that even if your company is not damaged; your suppliers may be; including parts, energy, communications and man-power. In the location of the New Madrid fault the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers may be affected or damaged restricting the flow or eliminating bridges.

Ms. Wilson also stressed that employees need to prepare and plan with their own families to have a plan of action in place. Training courses are available from the American Red Cross and by calling ADEM. Some insurance companies also provide training.

The ADEM website is: http://www.adem.arkansas.gov/ADEM/Divisions/Preparedness/Earthquake/index.aspx

Page 2 SHARP/VPP Meeting February 17, 2012, 10:00 am

Todd Franks reported on September Conference. It is to be moved to a new date. A motion to change the date was made, seconded and passed by acclamation. Hotel rooms will be set aside for attendees at $86.00 a night. The Conference will be changed from 9/13/2012 to 9/20/2012 at Holiday Inn Airport in Little Rock. Registration will begin a 7:30 am.

The next SHARP/VPP meeting will be held at the Arkansas Department of Labor, 10421 West Markham Street in Little Rock, on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 10:00 am.

Action Items
SHARP/VPP Website Coordinator
Lester Allen was to contact a potential motivational speaker, Walt Coleman, for the SHARP/VPP Conference.

Incident Sharing

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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