December 2014 Minutes


Little Rock Wastewater

5300 South Shackleford, Little Rock

December 5, 2014


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Rusty Griffin, Co-Chairman, called the meeting to order.

A recap of the September 2014 Conference survey results with discussion on improvements.  The majority of surveys received were very positive; however a few attendees did take time and write suggestions on improvement.  Rusty postponed releasing the survey results directly to requesting attendees and speakers,   stating that he would prefer to have a committee review them first and then decide if they should be released.


There was no formal presentation because of the short timeframe of the meeting.

Region VI VPP website has additional information,  and the conference will be held at American Bank Convention Centre, Corpus Christi, Texas, May 4 – 7, 2015.

Old Business

Carried over from the October Meeting:

Recommendation put forth by Co-Chair Rusty Griffin to form a Leadership Committee to oversee activities of the Association.  After receiving concerns from having specific titles such as secretary, treasurer, communication officer and renaming of Co-Chairs to Chair and Vice Chair, he agreed to a naming structure to simply include a Chair and Leadership Committee.   Since this would be a significant change to the historical structure of the Association, it was decided to move this matter to the December 2014 meeting so that opposing views and supporting views of this recommendation could be brought before the entire group prior to voting.

A lively discussion followed.  Todd Franks, Siplast, set forth the History of the Association and how it was formed. From the website, he cited  so the association can stay in compliance and true to its roots.  He made additional comments citing various aspects of the Association including:  “No dues collection and each company has ONLY one vote, that all members vote equally”. He presented a list of questions concerning the operations and structure of  the proposed board.

Rusty opened the floor to attendees to comment.  Marc Kelley, Cintas, stated “this is an association of Safety Awareness and creating Environments of Safety as a philosophy in everyday working and living”.  He stressed balance between the current operations and the need for organization and structure.

Clark Thomas, ADOL, stated however the Association determined to be structured, that the Department of Labor was here to support, advise, and facilitate.  Arkansas has always been a leader and role model for other states.  Rusty agreed that regardless of how the Association chose to govern, the reason we are all here is to improve worker safety.

In an attempt to give all members an opportunity to weigh in, it was decided to continue discussion of the creation of a Leadership Committee at the January 16, 2015 meeting to be held at the Arkansas Department of Labor.

New Business

Joel Neisler, Co-Chairman, Zero Mountain, announced his resignation, citing employer related time constraints.  Joel will remain a member and plans to continue participation in the Association.

The 2015 SHARP/VPP Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport, 3201 Bankhead Drive, Little Rock, September 16 and 17. There will be vendors and breakouts, as there were at the 2014 conference.

There are new mandates for OSHA SHARP Certification. The new requirements are based on number of employees.  Only those companies between one (1) and 250 employees may apply for OSHA SHARP certification. Companies with 251or more employees must pursue OSHA VPP status.

Action Items for January Meeting and Arkansas Conference

  • Develop aSave-the-date to email to Association members, to prospective companies, and to have available at Arkansas booth at Region VI SHARP VPPP in May 4-7, 2015.
  • Develop the THEME, TOPICS and SPEAKERS by the March 20 meeting. This will be the Eleventh (11th) Arkansas SHARP VPP Conference.
  • Statistical forms DART and TRC for Sharley Pettit to be distributed and returned to Milana Dennis.

Incident Sharing or Close Calls

  • Contractor – moving scaffolding up 7 floors by rope and pulley system and the lock dislodged and fell.  No one was hurt but in investigating the close call, the contractor used a cheap pulley with no lock. (BASF)
  • Be sure to remind employees that safety isn’t just on the job, that Holiday Decorations at home can result in injury and damage, or worse. (Cameron)
  • Ammonia new hazard labeling is not correct or as good as the old labeling information (Zero Mtn.)
  • Employee caught in cotton press ended in fatality. (Producers Rice) Not his company but one nearby.
  • Anyone doing business with Canada, be prepared to pay extra for the privilege.  (Siplast)
  • Does every one check company history when using a contractor? It pays to go back and research 3 years. If the contractor has no record, verify owner is not operating under multiple names.

The January 16, 2015 meeting will be at 10:00 a.m., in the Training Room, Arkansas Department of Labor, 10421 West Markham, Little Rock, 72205. Stop on the first floor to get a security badge.

If there are any volunteers for a training topic, contact Rusty Griffin.

RSVP to Milana Dennis (ADOL) or 501-682-9090

Meeting adjourned.

Milana Dennis

Arkansas Department of Labor

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