2015 Minutes

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March 2015 Minutes

Arkansas SHARP/VPP Association Meeting

March 20, 2015 – 10:00 a.m. – Arkansas Department of Labor


Clark Thomas called the meeting to order.  Chairman, Rusty Griffin was unable to attend. Everyone was asked to sign in and get a copy of the agenda. Each participant was asked to introduce themselves. Clark introduced Director Leon Jones, Jr.

Director Jones welcomed the group and stated he was excited about what the department has been doing and he appreciated the Labor Department staff. Director Jones stated he wanted all to that if there was anything they needed, to let the Labor Department know. Jones then introduced Ralph Hudson, Deputy Director, who stated he was excited as well to be at the Labor Department, and welcomed everyone.

New Business

Elections – The chairperson’s responsibilities are to get minutes out, spearhead overall activities of the association and communicate with the Association with the Department of Labor’s  The group unanimously elected Todd Franks, of Siplast, as chairperson.  Todd thanked the group for the show of confidence and stated he was looking for input and help from everyone. Todd’s email address is ustfr@icopal.com. Please contact him to volunteer to help with anything, or if you have questions.

Old Business

Mark Howell, Howell Safety, presented a compilation of the evaluations from the 2014 Conference. He indicated that overall, there was a lot positive feedback in the areas of:

  • Programs and meeting the objectives of what people expected from the conference.
  • Workshops all scored at least a 4. (Rating scale was one through five, five being excellent.)
  • Breakout sessions scored 4.2 or higher.
  • Indications were to continue with conferences and definitely presentations
  • Recommend fewer speakers because of the information overload
  • Obtain new presentations

Mark then provided a list of potential topics for new presentations.

Action Items

Theme: The group was asked for suggestions for themes which were:

  • Better Sharp than Dull
  • Base theme around participating and culture of how meetings are conducted
  • Round table discussion of things that work and don’t work – PowerPoint can be developed
  • Better VPP than DEAD

There being no other suggestions, it was determined that a committee be developed to come up with potential themes.

Committees were formed for the September 2015 Conference. They are:

Theme committee members will bring recommendation back at next meeting

  • Todd Franks (Siplast)
  • Chance Nesbit (International Paper, Russellville)
  • Randy Evans (Anthony Forest)

Topics committee members

  • Mark Howell, (Howell Safety)
  • Denise Whitaker (Siplast)
  • Josh Brannon, (Matthews Intl.)
  • Marc Kelly (Cintas)
  • Joni Sohl (Interstate Signs)


Door Prizes committee members

  • James Kaminski Work Wear  (calling)
  • Denise Whittaker, Siplast (help organize)
  • Brent Bennett, Wise Safety (calling)
  • Kelly Olivier, El Dorado Chemical (calling)

Vendors committee members

  • Denise Whittaker, Siplast
  • Mickey Wilbur, J A Riggs/CAT
  • Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber

Companies that will continue to contribute financially

  • McKee Foods
  • Eldorado Chemical
  • Calion (not sure)
  • Cintas
  • Ashland
  • Remington Arms (hopeful, but not promised)
  • J.A. Riggs (hopeful but not promised)
  • Anthony Forest
  • Zero Mountain

Managers’ luncheon – Chair for luncheon invitation letter will be Phillip Walker, from Matthews Intl. (Searcy) who will send letters to elevate the program. General overall opinion of group was that the luncheon went well and it was suggested to use the same format since the group consensus was that luncheon was worth it. Clark asked participants to send questions ahead so ADOL staff (director, attorney, etc.) will have time to formulate answers for discussion.

Clark announced that the temporary workers handbook was now available in 5 languages and thanked the group for their assistance on putting document together.


Mary Walter provided an update and handouts on the new rules in OSHA standards and the new OSHA recordkeeping system.

The new reporting rule became effective January First (1st). Now work related fatalities are required to be reported within 8 hours. All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, amputation, and loss of eye incidents must be reported within 24 hours.  Category required inspections will be as follows:

  • Catetory 1  – (life changing, i.e. amputations) 100%  inspections
  • Catetory 2 – 75% inspected (not life changing), other 25% handled by phone
  • Catetory 3 – hospitalization – by phone (5-days to respond)

Mary noted that updated requirements enable employers to prevent future injuries by identifying and eliminating the most serious workplace hazards. Employers can report to OSHA by phone, hotline (800-321-OSHA) or online at www.osha.gov/reportonline.

Other website addresses were provided to review industry exemptions and the new list of NAICS codes at www.census.gov/eos/www/naics and www.osha.gov/recordkeeping2014. Compliance assistance materials can also be found online at www.osha.gov/recordkeeping/tutorial. Factsheets are available on the OSHA website as well.

Recordkeeping – Mary reviewed examples of items not required to be recorded and included an excellent exercise for the group to determine when incidents are recordable or not recordable. She cited not recordable incidents.

A link to the interactive website was listed in Mary’s handout.  Mary announced that the Fall Prevention Stand Down will start May 4 – 15th. It was noted that the Stand Down was not just directed toward construction but general industry as well because falls occur in other environment.  A handout was available on how to conduct a successful stand down and the information will be available on the OSHA website until June. Mary stated she was looking forward to everyone’s participation in the Stand Down. Clark asked the group and the group agreed that a link to be put on the SHARP/VPP website on Stand Down. Mary will email her presentation to ADOL to distribute to the group.

Mary announced she is retiring December 31st.

Next Meeting

Clark assigned Labor Department’s Tonia Cooper and Ocie Robinson to develop a presentation for next meeting which will be April 17th, at the Department of Labor on the second floor in the Training Room.


Meeting adjourned.

January 2015 Minutes


Arkansas Department of Labor
January 16, 2015


Rusty Griffin, Cameron Valve

Todd Franks, Siplast

Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Keneasha Scott, SEPA

Josh Brannon, Matthews International

Philip Walker, Matthews International

Scotty Van Winkle, Matthews International

Lee Walker, Central Maloney

Joe Brickford, G4S

Marvin Hall, Ashland

Mike Taylor, Ashland

Julie Roberson, Anthony Forest

Brent Bennett, Wise Safety

Mary Walter, OSHA DOL

Nita Matlock, ADOL

Tonia Cooper, ADOL

James Neil, Welspun

Arlie Bradbury, Welspun

James Kaminski, Work Wear

Joni Sohl, Interstate Signs

Dan DeSilva, Cintas

Lee Church, City of Little Rock Public Works

Randell Crabtree, Brock

Elizabeth Nealey, Cintas, Fort Smith

Terry Joe White, Siplast

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber

Mark Howell, Howell Safety

Leon Jones, Jr., Director, ADOL

Clark Thomas, ADOL

Ricky Belk, former Director, ADOL

Carlos Reynolds, OSHA DOL


Chairman Rusty Griffin welcomed all and asked for introductions around the room.  Rusty recognized Clark Thomas, who introduced the new Director of Labor, Leon Jones, Jr. Mr. Jones made brief remarks. A short break in the meeting followed, allowing Mr. Jones to greet everyone individually.

Rusty acknowledged Clark Thomas to explain new rules regarding participation in SHARP. Letters to the companies affected have been sent clarifying the new decision. Those companies under 250 employees may remain in SHARP. Those companies with 251 to 500 employees or more should make application for VPP.  A discussion took place regarding the new record-keeping requirements.

A presentation by Todd Franks, Siplast, was given on identification training tool found at http://www.OSHA.gov/hazfinder . Todd gave a brief demonstration of the training tool and its many uses for employees, Safety Managers and Safety Committees.  The website is free.


Chairman Rusty Griffin revisited the formation of a Leadership Team, asked for discussion, and called for a vote. It was voted to continue the structure of leadership as it is currently set up.



Develop a theme, topics and speakers for 11th Annual SHARP VPP Conference, September

Set committees for September 2015 Conference

  • Theme (it is the Eleventh (11th)  Annual Conference
  • Topics and Speakers
  • Breakouts (if we have any)
  • Agenda for the conference day
  • Vendor committee and chair – Charge for them – how many and contact them
  • Meet and Greet Committee
  • Menu selection Committee
  • Door Prize Committee
  • Managers’ Luncheon Letters (companies who sign the invitation letter)
  • Statistical report for Sharley Pettit Award is due by April 15, 2015
  • Recommendations for a new Chairperson(s)


Shared Safety Incidences

The next meeting, scheduled for February 20, 2015, was cancelled due to inclement weather.

The March 20 meeting will be held at the Arkansas Department of Labor, 10421 West Markham, Little Rock, 72205, from 10am to Noon.