2011 Minutes

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2011 Meeting minutes for monthly Arkansas SHARP & VPP meetings.


July 2011 Minutes

July 15, 2011

Deanna Dykes       Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Todd Franks         Ustfe@icopal.com

Kim Fischer          Fischer.kim@dol.gov

Quinton Simison  Quinton.simison@basf.com

Angelia Hogan      ATHogan@GAPAC.com

Barbie Trammell   Barbie.Trammell@GAPAC.Com

Clark Thomas       Thomas.Clark@dol.gov

Juanita Matlock    Juanita.Matlock@Arkansas.gov

Tonia Cooper        Cooper.Tonia@dol.gov

Ralph Smith         Ralph_Smith@Ashland.com

Jake Bowers         jake_bowers@welspun.com

Jake Chauney       jake_Chauney_@welspun.com

Joe Jenko           jdjenko@ashland.com

LeaAnn Shivers    lashivers@gapac.com

Ed Phillips           edward.phillipsjr@gapac.com

Ocie Robinson     robinson.ocie@dol.gov

Tommy Short     tshort@us.loreal.com

Tracy Mallette    tmallette@us.loreal.com

Kelly Olivier       kolivier@anthonyforest.com

Charlotte Humphries chumphries@anthonyforest.com

David Hodges    dhodges@producersrice.com

The meeting was held at the Arkansas Department of Labor Office; opening remarks by Clark Thomas.

A representative of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve recognition program presented the patriot award to Kim Fischer for supporting the National Guard Employees as the direct supervisor. Kim Accepted the Award on Behalf of the entire Department of Labor.

Quinton Simison welcomed everyone in attendance and reviewed the key agenda items;

National VPPPA conference is scheduled to begin August 29 inNew Orleans. There are plans to hold a meeting with the National Association Board and discuss the benefits of this organization. A list of names was collected for those who are planning on attending: Quinton Simison, Clark Thomas, Juanita Matlock, Kelly Olivier, Chris Beason, Lea Ann Shivers, Jake Bowers, Tommy Short, Denise Whittaker, and Todd Franks. Anyone who is planning on attending should sent a Email to Quinton to ensure you make the meeting

A booth about the Arkansas SHARP / VPP Association will be set up at the National Conference. Juanita is collecting information, pictures and Logo. All members are asked to submit information as soon as possible to her email address listed above.

September Conference

A draft copy of the Brochure was review and comments made to finalize for mailing. The final topics are;

7:30 Registrations

8:15 Welocome

9:00 Motivational Speaker

9:30 VPPPA update

10:00 Regional OSHA Consultation update

10:15 Break

10:30 A. Key Elements of an Effective Safety and Health Management system

10:30 B. Hazard Recognition

10:30 C. Behavior Base Safety / Coaching and Feedback

11:15 Lunch and Networking

12:00 Arkansas OSHA update

1:00 A. Ergonomics

1:00 B. Making Training Interesting

1:00 C. NFPA 70E

1:45 Break

2:00 Conducting Effective Safety Committee Meetings

2:50 door prizes

3:00 Adjourn

Break Sponsorship – BASF, Cintas, Zero Mountian, L’Oreal, Calion Lumber, Producers Rice, Anthony Forest Products, Georgia Pacific – Fordyce.  Juanita to finalize the cost and menu of the Breaks with the conference center and alert the companies to the cost.

Door Prizes – Coordinator is Lea Ann Shivers.  These items are being collected at the Department of Labor office or can be brought to the Hotel the evening before the Conference.

Lea Ann has requested the following items for each participate to use during the conference, pens, note pads, post-its, pencils, candy etc..

Sharley Petti Award – Kim Fischer provided a sheet to everyone listing the statistical information that was submitted in a spreadsheet with out names. Attendees review this information looking for companies with the best record and then the most improved. Two were nominated from the list by a vote. The winner will be announced at the September Conference.

This award is being sponsored this year by Georgia Pacific Fordyce.

Samples of the Bumper Stickers were presented to the group. These will be provided to all attendees at the conference and at the booth at the national conference.

Golf Shirts with the Organization Logo have been approved and orders are being collected by Lea Ann Shivers. The shirt will be a medium green with Arkansas SHARP logo on the Right Sleeve and the Arkansas VPP logo on the Left Sleeve with the lettering “Partners in Safety” on the left chest. The Cost is about 30.00 with added cost for larger sizes. Order must be placed no later than August 1st.  If you are interested in a shirt, contact Lea Ann using the Email address at the top.

Todd Franks, Siplast, Conducted a presentation on How to Get Field personnel involved in Safety. The presentation showed how information mail outs and response cards could be used for remote employees. It utilized historic safety art work from the Illinois Works Progress Administration to get your attention.  http://vintagraph.com/wpa-posters/health-and-safety-posters/2378911

The Safety Information was obtained through their Workers Compensation Insurance web site. You are encouraged to talk with your service to see what maybe available

Incident Sharing

Fatality at a voluntary company sponsored event

Fatality of a delivery driver while at a facility

Heat Exhaustion due to dehydration from Home repairs over the weekend


Meeting adjourn

June 2011 Minutes

June 17, 2011


Deanna Dykes      Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Todd Franks         Ustfe@icopal.com

Chris Beason        Chrisbeason@zeromtn.com

Kim Fischer          Fischer.kim@dol.gov

Angelia Hogan      ATHogan@GAPAC.com

Barbie Trammell   Barbie.Trammell@GAPAC.Com

Clark Thomas       Thomas.Clark@dol.gov

Juanita Matlock    Juanita.Matlock@Arkansas.gov

Cody Duren          Cody.Duren@C-a-m.Com

Kevin Withrow      Kevin.Withrow@C-a-m.com

Will Ketterman      WMHCGK@yahoo.com

Evernia Watkins    Evernia.Watkins@C-a-m.Com

Tonia Cooper        Cooper.Tonia@dol.gov

Merceree Jones

Mary Walter         Walter.Mary@dol.gov

Carlos Reynolds     Reynolds.Carlos@dol.gov

Sara Avery            Sara.Alvery@polatchcorp.com

Marc Kelley           KelleyMA@Cintas.com

Wes Thornton       Thorntonw@cintas.com

Jake Bowers         jake_bowers@welspun.com

Jake Chauney       jake_Chauney_@welspun.com

Mike Taylor          wmtaylor@ashland.com

Ralph Smith         Ralph_Smith@Ashland.com

Drew Patterson    drew.patterson@c-a-m

Tom Tarr             Tom.Tarr@c-a-m


The meeting was held at Cameron Valve inLittle Rock; opening remarks by Rusty Griffin.


Safety Information: Meeting area for Evacuation, Restrooms, Cell Phones, Safety Tour Representatives and PPE requirements for Tour.


Carlos Reynolds reviewed information from the regional OSHA directors meeting; NEP on incentive programs and the latest interpretation when using lagging indicators.  The preference is to use leading indicators; observations, inspections and First Aids were examples given.  Currently, there have been 17 fatalities this year with the high trending in falls and electrical incidents.


Quinton Simison welcomed everyone and review the minutes from the previous meeting.  Old business included the Purchase of bumper sticker.  Lea Ann found a source and a sample was displayed to the group. The cost is 0.90 cents each.  Any company willing to sponsor the purchase for the conference should contact Lea Ann Directly at lashivers@gapac.com.


Mark Howell was getting pricing on polo shirt with both logos for the association.  Lea Ann agreed to collect the names of those who want to place an order.  The cost is not known at this time.


Conference planning

All of the speakers and topics are in place for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September.  A draft brochure will be available at the next months meeting.


Statistic information is being collected by the ARDOL.  This information is used for membership and selection of the Sharley Pettit Award.  The selection will be made at the next monthly meeting.


National Conference

Early Registration is closing soon.  Get your registration turned in and notify Quinton you are attending.  There will be a meeting during this conference with the national board.


Guest Speaker:  K9 Demonstration was put on by theLittle   Rockpolice Department K41.  The team conducted an attack and take down maneuver.


Presentations by Keith Withro and Rusty Griffin


6S program – presentation showed; Before and After Photos, Red Tag procedure, Monthly inspection, Tracking and method used to encourage improvement.  The area with the best score received a Star and lunch.


Recognition Program – Employees collect points for participation in tool box safety meeting, leading a safety meeting, audits, inspections, and other activities.  The points are transferred to tickets that are placed in a drawing.  The more points an employee accumulates the more chances they have in the drawing.  Drawings were held once per quarter with 5 winners being selected.


Lunch was provided my Cameron


We were invited to go on a tour of Cameron.


Meeting adjourn


PS: Copies of the 6S Presentation are available upon request

May 2011 Minutes

Quinton Simison Quinton.Simison@BASF.Com
Dennis Sullivan External.Dennis.Sullivan@US.Bosch.com
Lea Ann Shivers LAShivers@GAPAC.Com
Ed Phillips Edward.Phillips@GAPAC.Com
Andy Kelloms Andy.Kelloms@Falconjet.Com
Denise Whittaker USdha@Icopal.Com
Juanita Matlock Juanita.Matlock@Arkansas.Gov
Clark Thomas Thomas.Clark@dol.gov
Kim Fischer Fischer.Kim@dol.gov
Mark Howell Mark.T.Howell@pepsico.com
Kelly Olivier K.Olivier@Anthonyforest.com

May 31, 2011

Quinton welcome the group to the meeting: the purpose of this meeting was to finalize the brochure.

The theme for the SHARP/VPP conference will be Partners in Safety.

Topics for the conference were discussed, it was suggested that the final decisions on the topic will be done at the next meeting.

It was suggested that lunch time should be changed, we will only need one room for the meet and greet.

There is no information on the website about the SHARP/VPP conference. It was suggested that we add the minutes of the meeting on the website, pictures etc.

Denise will check on prices for bump stickers and magnets which will help promote the SHARP/VPP Association.

Lea Ann is going to get quotes for t-shirt for the Association.

April 2011 Minutes

April 22, 2011

Quinton Simison       Quinton.simison@basf.com

Dennis Sullivan         external.dennis.sullivan@us.bosch.com

Vince Longshore       Vince.Longshore@us.bosch.com

Jim Steinmitz           jsteinmetz@langstonbag.com

Mike Taylor              wmtaylor@ashland.com

Micki Wilbur             wilburn@riggs.com

Chris Beason            chrisbeason@zeromountain.com

Lester Allen             AllenL2@cintas.com

Lea Ann Shivers        LAShivers@GAPAC.com

Ed Phillips                Edward.phillipsjr@GAPAC.com

Angelia Hogan          AThogan@GAPAC.com

Deanna Dykes          Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Andy Kelloms           andy.kelloms@falconjet.com

Maranda Lisko          mlisko@producersrice.com

David Hodges           dhodges@producerrice.com

Denis Whittaker        usdha@icopal.com

John Risi                  john.risi@pepsico.com

Mark Howell             mark.t.howell@pepsico.com

Mary Walter             walter.mary@dol.gov

Tommy Short           tshort@usloreal.com

Greg Hill                  ghill@us.loreal.com

Kelly Olivier              k.olivier@anthonyforest.com

Tonia Cooper           cooper.tonia@dol.gov

Clark Thomas           Thomas.clark@dol.gov

Juanita Matlock        Juanita.matlock@arkansas.gov


Sharp/VPP Conference in September:

Motivational Speaker:   Mike Payton with J.A. Riggs confirmed that Vance Strange will be the motivational speaker for the SHARP/VPP conference.

Potential Agenda:


Welcome – Quinton Simison, James Salkeld, OSHA

Keynote Speaker

Conference Agenda

Fed OSHA/Consultation Update


Lunch @11:30

Breakout Sessions???


Theme:  Several were brought up.  A Committee will be formed to work on the theme.


Sponsors for Breaks:  Quinton Simison/BASF; Lester Allen/Cintas; Chris Beason/ZeroMountain


Potential Topics (not in any particular order):


  1. Behavior Based Safety/ 60 Second Interdependence – Lester Allen or Denise Whittaker
  2. Coaching & Feedback/Engagement. – Surveys are out there – Survey Monkey (Internet Based) Lester Allen, Denise Whittaker or Angela Hogan???
  3. Conducting Effective Safety Committee Meetings – Clark Thomas
  4. Make Training Interesting – Mark Howell
  5. Presentation byDavisLayne – Speak about National Conference?
  6. Ergonomics – Tommy Short
  7. NFPA 70E – Representatives from Cintas
  8. How to apply for membership in the Sharp/VPP Program –
  9. New Fall Protection Proposed Standards (Gen.Ind.) –
  10. OSHA Update – Federal OSHA –  Carlos Reynolds/Mary Walter
  11. Hazard Recognition
  12. Earthquake Safety
  13. Combustible Dust



Door Prize Committee   Theme Committee   Schedule Committee  
Denise Whittaker Mark Howell Lea Ann Shivers
Lea Ann Shivers Andy Kelloms
Dennis Sullivan 
 Angela Hogan
Deanna Dykes 


Other topics:

Try to establish a separate conference track at the National Conference inNew Orleans,LA

June is National Safety Month – check out One Millions Acts of Safety at this website:



Next Thursday – ADEM and other agencies will be holding Earthquake Awareness:  Search on Internet “Great American Shake Out”

Cameron V&M will host and provide lunch for the June 17th SHARP/VPP Meeting.  As we get closer to the date, I would like to have estimated # attendees for lunch purposes.  (and any special dietary needs).  RSVP with Anita Matlock

Proposed  Agenda:

10:00-10:10  Welcome to Cameron Visitors Safety Briefing and Introductions  — Cameron Staff

10:10-10:30  SHARP/VPP Update  — Quinton Simison

10:30-11:00  Cameron Presentation on S-6

11:00 -11:30 Cameron Presentation Risk/Hazard Reduction Strategy (Hazard Risk Assessments)

11:30-12:15  Onsite Lunch

12:15-12:45  Plant Tour  (all visitors must wear closed- toe shoes for tour)

12:45-1:00    Quinton Simison/Clark Thomas/Mary Walters, etc

General directions:

If coming via I30 from the East (Downtown/I440/I530) take the65th streetexit, (caution service road entrance is a slight right then immediate left turn) continue service road until you see our sign,   park in the main (EAST) parking lot and enter through the main bldg entrance.

If arriving from the West (Benton, I430) exit at Scott Hamilton, turn left onto Scott Hamilton, then turn Right at 69th street, then Right on Murray Street, then another Right onto Service Road. Continue service road until you see our sign,   park in the main (EAST) parking lot and enter through the main bldg entrance.

March 2011 Minutes




SHARP / VPP Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2011


Quinton Simison  Quinton.simison@basf.com

Tom Ireland        TIreland@milbankmfg.com

Deanna Dykes     Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Joel Dykes          Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Ed Phillips           Edward.phillipsjr@gapac.com

Chris Beason       chrisbeason@zeromtn.com

Denise Whittaker usdha@lcopal.com

Mark Howell       mark.t.howell@pepsico.com

Joe Jenko           jdjenkoe@ashland.com

Mike Taylor         wmtaylor@ashland.com

Sara Alvey          sara.alvey@potlatchcorp.com

Kelly Olivier        kolivier@anthonyforest.com

Lester Allen        Allenl2@cintas.com

Wes Thornton     thorntonw@cintas.com

Justin Brown       brownj8@cintas.com

Clark Thomas      Thomas.clark@dol.gov

Angelia Hogan     Athogan@gapac.com

Eric Armstrong    Eric.Armstrong@c-a-m.com

Rusty Griffin        rusty.griffin@c-a-m.com

Juanita Matlock   Juanita.Matlock@arkansas.gov

Kim Fischer         fischer.kim@dol.gov

The meeting was held at L’Oreal inNorth Little Rock.  Tommy Short of L’Oreal gave an overview of the safety procedures of the plant, in case of an emergency.


Tommy gave a PowerPoint presentation about the products that they make at the facility. He also told us about the different awards that the company had received.


We watched a video entitled “Thank You for Being Safe!”  This video was produced by ERI.


After Tommy’s, presentation Quinton presided over the meeting.  Quinton asked for topic suggestions for the upcoming SHARP/VPP meetings.


The speakers for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September have been confirmed.


The Regional Conference is in May in San Antonio, Texas.  The Nation Conference is August 29th thru September 1, 2011 inNew Orleans. Clark Thomas will speak at this meeting.  Clark asked that other companies try to attend and participate in the conference.  It was suggested that invitations be sent out to encourage companies to attend the conference.


Quinton asked for a volunteer to write the next newsletter for the ADOL quarterly publication. Micki Wilburn with J A Riggs wrote the last letter.


The next meeting will be held on April 22, 2011 at ADOL (Arkansas Department of Labor) at 10:00 a.m.  A planning group will meet at theCrownPlaza, 201 South Shackelford at 8:30 to discuss a possible new location for the SHARP/VPP Conference in September.


Several people went on a tour of the L’Oreal plant after the meeting.


Meeting adjourn


February 2011 Minutes



February 18, 2011  –  SHARP/VPP Monthly Meeting


























10:00 a.m. the meeting was held at Arkansas Department of Labor


Welcome and opening remarks by James Salkeld, Director of the Arkansas Department of Labor.


Quinton Simison, chairperson of the meeting asked everyone to read over the minutes. The minutes were read and approved.


Quinton asked for volunteers to work on the SHARP Association brochure.  Mark Howell with Frito Lay volunteered to chair the committee.  Joe Jenko, Mike Taylor and Ralph Smith with Ashland, part of the committee.  Micki Wilburn of J.A. Riggs volunteered to write an article that will be place in the Arkansas Department of Labor Work Wise quarterly publication.


Mike Patton J.A. Riggs will contact Vance Strange, Sports Hall of Fame, to be the Motivational Speaker for the SHARP/VPP Conference on September 15, 2011.


Clark Thomas, ADOL, asked what the different levels of SAHRP are.  They are Gold, Diamond and Platinum.  It was suggested that the different levels be discussed at the next meeting.  Denise Whittaker from Siplast said there is information on the website about the different levels.


Clark Thomas, ADOL discussed information needed from SHARP sites in their interim year reports. They should include actions taken to improve low scores from their Form 33.  The length of the SHARP Certificates will cover a maximum of two years.  The self-evaluation documents should be submitted one year after the SHARP certificate is received.


Chris Beason,ZeroMountain, gave a presentation on cranes.  You must have a qualified rigger setting up and tearing down the crane.  Get qualified through a qualified provider.  Discussion and questions were fielded during the presentation.


The next scheduled meeting is March 18, 2011 at L’Oreal inNorth   Little Rock.


Meeting adjourned.