2009 Minutes

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2009 Meeting Minutes for monthly Arkansas SHARP/VPP meetings.


December 2009 Minutes

Arkansas SHARP/VPP Meeting Minutes-December 3, 2009

Clark Thomas, ADOL, Little Rock

LaShonda Daniels, ADOL, Little Rock

Juanita Matlock, ADOL, Little Rock

Kim Fischer, ADOL, Little Rock

Jim Pumphrey, ADOL, Little Rock

Judy Harwell, ADOL, Little Rock

Tonia Cooper, ADOL, Little Rock

Sandra Morrison, Evergreen Packaging Inc, Pine Bluff

Lea Ann Shivers, Georgia Pacific, Crossett

Ann Butler,Interstate   HighwaySign, Little Rock

Chris Goodin, Central Arkansas Water, Little Rock

Hayse Miller, Family Service Agency, North Little Rock

Barbara Eaglin,SnyderInd, Marked Tree

Greg Middleton SnyderInd, Marked Tree

Ben Thompson, Mc Bride Dist Co, Fayetteville

Chis Beason, Zero Mountain Inc, Fort Smith

Jim Steinmitz, Langston Inc, West Memphis

David Hodges, Producers Rice Mill Inc, Stuttgart

Amanda L. Griffith, Producers Rice Mill Inc, Stuttgart

Terrance Love, PRC-Community Service Inc, Morrilton

Marty S. Reep, Armstrong,Warren

Lester Allen, Cintas, Searcy

Quinton Simison, BASF,West Memphis

Andrew Miller, Robert Bosch,West Memphis

Balaji Kamalakannan, AlgonquinInd, Osceola

Billie J. King, Tyson, Nashville

Jack Lacefield, Tyson, Nashville

Mark Howell, Frito Lay, Jonesboro

Allen Green, Remington, Lonoke

Ben Smith, Nucor, Blytheville

Wes Gillette, Nucor Steel, Armorel

David Garringer, LR Waste Water, Little Rock


The Arkansas SHARP/VPP Association met at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday December 3, 2009 at Little Rock Waste Water Utility, Little Rock,AR.

Clark Thomas opened the meeting. We recognized the VPP & SHARP companies that were in attendance.

Sandra Morrison, Region VI VPP Representive stated that the 2010 conference has been moved to March 9th-12th, and will be held in Corpus Christi,TX. The fee is $400 for early registration.

We talked aboutHot   Springsbeing the new location for the SHARP/VPP conference instead of the 4-H Center in hopes that the conference will grow & also to bring in different speakers. It was decided that we stay at the 4-H Center for 2010 and look for another place for the following year.  Fitz Hill from Arkansas Baptist was suggested as a motivational speaker for the September 16, 2010 conference.

Quinton suggested we discuss the topics & speakers for our upcoming conferences.

They are as follows:

  • January      15:  Recordkeeping- OSHA presenter
  • February      19: Near miss report- Martin Reep
  • March      9-12: Region VI Conference-Corpus        Christi, TX


  • April      16: Ergonomics- LeAnn Shivers

Sandra Morrison said she would ask Mike Pendergrass with Entergy to sponsor the breaks for the SHARP/VPP conference in September.

Volunteers to work on conference topics & speakers are:

  • Amanda      Griffith/Producers Rice Mill
  • Mark      Howell/Frito Lay
  • Denise      Hansard/Siplast
  • Ben      Thompson/Mc Bride Distribution

For the January meeting we were asked to bring in theme ideas for the 2010 SHARP/VPP conferences.








August 2009 Minutes


Quinton Simison, BASF, West Memphis

Mark Howell, Frito Lay, Jonesboro

Denise Dorton, Frito Lay, Jonesboro

Denise Whitaker, Siplast,  Arkadelphia

Chris Beason,ZeroMountain, Ft.Smith

Lea Ann Shivers, GP Studmill, Crossett

Angelia Hogan, GP Fordyce, Fordyce

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber Company, Calion

Charles Clay, Nucoryamato, Blytheville

Clark Thomas, ADOL, Little Rock

Tonia Cooper, ADOL, Little Rock

Carlos Reynolds, OSHA, Little Rock

Nita Matlock, ADOL, Little Rock


Friday August 7, 2009 10:00 am SHARP/VPP Meeting


Opening remarks by: Quinton Simison


Welcome by: Jamie Salkeld


Carlos Reynolds, with Federal OSHA talked briefly about VPP he assured everyone that VPP is here to stay, which was great news. He informed us that we have sixty (60) sites inArkansas.


The minutes from the last meeting were approved. Quinton Simison begin the meeting discussing the upcoming SHARP/VPP conference which is scheduled for September 17, 2009 at the 4H center inLittle Rock.


Lea Ann Shivers will introduce the Little Debbie of McKee Foods spokes person as the mutational speaker for the conference. Chris Beason will be the SHARP site spokes person and Mark Howell will represent the VPP sites.


It was suggested that a list of all contributors be given to Kim Fischer they are:



Calion Lumber Company, Calion

Dassault Falcon Jet,Little Rock

Cintas, Searcy

Frito Lay,Jonesboro

Georgia Pacific, Fordyce

Georgia Pacific Studmil, Corssettl

ITW Shippers, Fordyce

McBride Distribution,Fayetteville

Riceland Foods,Stuttgart

Siplast, Arkadelphia

Zero Mountain,Ft.Smith



It was suggested that Nita Matlock contact the caterer and ask if the Fish and Chicken for the conference is going to fried together or separate. This is to avoid issues to anyone that can not have fish. Nita stated that the caterer for the conference is Deaton Trout line ofBenton.


Lea Ann is going to take orders for anyone that would like to order SHARP/VPP shirts for the SHARP/VPP conference. Quinton said he would send out an e-mail to members informing them about the shirts. Lea Ann stated that the deadline for ordering shirts will be September 1st. She need at least six (6) orders the shirts will cost no more than $30 per person.


Letters are to be sent out to Deputy Regional Administrator Bill Burke and Assistant Regional Administrator Dean Wingo to attend the SHARP/VPP conference for September 17th as well as the meet and greet reception which will be September 16th held here that the Department of Labor from 6p-7p.


Arkansas Department of Labor Consultants will attend the meet and greet as well as the conference and will assist in directing participates to classes and answering questions.


The SHARP/VPP Association Group would like to recognize companies that submitted statics to apply for the Sharley Pettit Excellent Award. Which is been donated by Lea Ann Shivers, with Georgia Pacific of Crossett. It was stated that Kim Fischer should display a list of companies that participated striving for the Sharley Pettit Excellent Award.


The Association also wants a listing of all SHARP/VPP sites in Arkansas. The listing would be shared with other members and posted on the Web site.


Denise Whittaker did an update about the SHARP/VPP website that is been maintained by her niece inIllinois. She suggested that after the meeting to bring up the website so everyone that wanted to look at what is going to could view it at that time. It was mention that the minutes from each meeting be placed on the website.


On September 29, 2009 Tulsa Oklahoma Consultation Program will be hosting a meeting that will include other states. The purpose of this meeting is to provide assistance and guidance on organizing a SHARP/VPP Association.


The Tulsa Association meeting participants would share details on how the Arkansas SHARP/VPP started the implantation development and how the Association operates. Members that indicated interests in attending the meeting on September 29th included:

Lea Ann Shivers, Quniton Simison, Ben Thompson, Chris Beason and Denise Whittaker. Deanna Dykes (will try to attend the meeting as well)


Meeting was adjourned.