August 2013 Minutes

2nd Floor Training Room, ADOL
August 16, 2013


Quinton Simison, BASF
Terry Basemore, SR., BASF
Mike Patton, Riggs Cat
Micki Wilbur, Riggs Cat
Daniel Case, International Paper
Thayer McKinley, International Paper
Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber
Randell Crabtree, Brock
Cody Duran, Cameron Valve
Denise Whittaker, Siplast
Arlie Bradbury, Welspun
John Davis, Brock
Mark Howell, Frito-Lay
Jeremiah Griffin, Ashland
Joe Jenko, Ashland
Melissa Mayer, G4S
Joseph W. Bickford, G4S
Wyatt Hanson, Cintas
Carson Knolton, Cintas
Julie Roberson, Anthony Forest
Brent Bennett, Wise Safety
Denise Whittaker, Siplast
Todd Franks, Siplast
Joel Neisler, Zero Mountain
Lester Allen, Cintas
Mike Taylor, Ashland
Marvin Hall, Ashland
Rodney Bromett, Ashland
Elizabeth Nealy, Fort Smith Cintas
Doug Germann, Raytheon
Carlos Ryenolds, DOL-OSHA
Mary Walter, DOL-OSHA
Ricky Belk, ADOL
Clark Thomas, ADOL
Tonia Cooper, ADOL
Ocie Robinson, ADOL
Kim Fischer, ADOL
Milana Dennis ADOL
Nita Matlock, ADOL

Quinton Simison called the meeting to order. Quinton introduced Ricky Belk, Director of the Arkansas of Labor. Mr. Belk told the group that a proclamation would be signed in the Governor’s Conference proclaiming it SHARP-VPP Day in Arkansas on September 12, 2013. A picture is featured on the Department of Labor’s website.

Minutes of the July Meeting were approved as written by acclamation.

A PowerPoint presentation was given by International Paper in Russellville on LIFE. IP’s program to prevent employees from Distracted Driving and NO TEXTING. The PowerPoint presentation is available at your job site by contacting Thayer McKinnley or Daniel Case at International Paper in Russellville. They encouraged everyone to get a text or hands-free driving.

A brochure from OSHA was given out which is available at brochure number 3416-09R 2012.
The Distracted Driving topic generated discussion about other companies programs. Some insurance companies will not pay if driver is on the cell phone. More workers are killed in vehicle crashes than any other cause.

Old Business:

  • Final conference planning was discussed and any duties assigned as needed.
  • Get registrations into Milana Dennis as soon as possible.

New Business:
• Share the conference registration information with others using Chamber of Commerce website or companies in your area that might be interested and invite them. The registration is available in email or fax form.

Quinton asked for incident sharing.

Cooling Tower Insulation Valve resulted in sliced fingers
New Isocyanates policy

The next meeting will be held at ADOL, 10421 West Markham, 2nd Floor Training Room, Little Rock at 10:00 a.m., Friday, October 19, 2013.

Meeting Adjourned
Milana Dennis (ADL)

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