August 2012 Minutes


ADOL Training Room

August 17, 2012


Quinton Simison, BASF

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber

Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Todd Franks, Siplast

Kelly Olivier,AnthonyForest

Julie Roberson,AnthonyForest

Joseph Bickford, G4S

Melissa Mayer, G4S

Mike Taylor,Ashland

Marc Kelley, Cintas

Lester Allen, Cintas

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas

Mark Howell, Frito Lay

Tom Galbraith, Milbank

Tony Thornton, Medsafe

Clark Thomas, ADOL

Ocie Robinson, ADOL

Kim Fischer, ADOL

Milana Dennis, ADOL




Quinton welcomed everyone and introduced James Salkeld and Ed House for comments. Mr Salkeld recognized the recent recipients of ADOL Safety Awards. They are:

BASF Corporation inWest Memphis, Eight Years

Hargrove Engineering,West Memphis, Five Years

Tristate Armature and Electrical, WestMemphis, Six Years

Insulation Refractories,West Memphis, Two years

Pinnacle Foods,Springdale, Two million

Rockline Industries,Springdale, Two million

Viscase, Osceola, Ten Million

Tenneco,Paragould, One Million

Cintas in Searcy, received their VPP Merit Flag, and the Brass Ring for SAFETY Award


After a quick reading of minutes of the July meeting, the minutes were approved unanimously. Quinton asked each person in the room to introduce themselves.


The Sharley Pettit Award rules were discussed and nominees were presented. A spreadsheet, without names, of safety statistics for the 13 qualifying companies was provided for review. After a discussion, the vote taken by show of hands to select the Sharley Pettit Award winner for 2012.


A discussion of an article from the magazine EHSTODAY was distributed. The article is entitled “House Hearing Praises OSHA’S VPP”. The article praised the program’s ability to reduce injuries and illnesses, improve safety culture and cut costs for employers. The online address for the magazine is


Old Business

Quinton called for a discussion of the program for the September 20, 2012 program. The registrations and invitations have been mailed. Quinton urged each member to print the invitation and agenda and invite other companies to participate. The invitation will be emailed be in digital format to everyone attending today’s meeting.


Sleeping room reservations may be made by calling theHolidayInnAirportinLittle   Rockat 501-490-1000 or by calling central reservations, 1-800-HOLIDAY, and asking for the Arkansas Department of Labor block of rooms.


Lee Ann Jillings will not be able to attend the conference to make her presentation.  However, National OSHA will send Patrick Showalter to present OSHA updates. SHARP/VPP Region VI will also attend along with local OSHA personnel. Clark Thomas noted a room for lunch has been set aside for SHARP/VPP management and OSHA personnel to have a round table discussion. He urged all managers to attend and express their comments and concerns. Quinton is to draft a letter to the managers reminding them of this meeting.


Conference Action Items

Digital format of the Invitation/ letter emailed by ADOL (Milana)

Hotel number to call for making room reservations (Milana)

Letter to Managers advising them of Round Table Discussion with OSHA not listed on Program (Quinton)

Detailed Schedule of the September 20 (Quinton)

Audio Visual Rental (Kim Fischer and Milana)

“Star Spangled Banner” to be sung in the opening (arranged for by Clark or Milana)

Empty Chairs representing fallen workers (Mark Howell and David Hartman)

Door Prizes provided by SHARP/VPP members (all members). Please, if you ship door prizes to Department of Labor office, notify Milana in advance.

Success Story article, with pictures, for Region VI (Clark and Denise Whittaker)

Evaluation sheets (Clark and Milana)

Governor’s Proclamation (Quinton, Clark and James Salkeld)

Spare Video Projector and Laptop for Smaller Rooms (Todd Franks, Kelly Olivier, Quinton Simison)

Prepare Certificates for Award Qualifier for Recognition (Clark Thomas, Kim Fischer)

Gift Bags for Attendees – Need small item for Bags (pens, note pads, candy, etc.) (Deanna Dike, Julie Roberson)



Incident Sharing


Phone Apps available for Smart Phone; i-Auditor, Sound Meter, OSHA Heat Tool


Staph is very prominent, hard to detect and highly contagious, ensure your employee understand the importance of good hygiene practices; washing Hands, using sanitizer etc…


Hydration education for workers –


Recent explosion and three Fatalities in South Arkansasduring Hot Work. Quinton reminded the group of excellent Safety Videos available at



Meeting adjourned at 12:00.


Milana Dennis

Arkansas Department of Labor

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