April 2012 Minutes


SHARP/VPP Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2012


Quinton Simison, BASF

Mary Walter, DOL OSHA

Maranda Lisko, Producers Rice Mill

David Hodges, Producers Rice Mill

Deanna Dykes, Calion Lumber Co.

Micki Wilbur, Riggs Cat

Brian Maxwell, Cintas

Jake Bowers, Welspun

Arlie Bradlury, Welspun

Melissa Mayer, G4S

Denise Whittaker, Siplast

Tim Gibson, Welspun

Lester Allen, Cintas

Kortney Atchley, Cintas

Marc Kelly, Cintas

Sara Alvey, Potlatch Corp.

Mike Taylor, Ashland, Inc

Kelly Olivier,AnthonyForest

Julie Roberson,AnthonyForest

Rusty Griffin, Cameron Valve

David Stagg, Guest

Elizabeth Nealy, Cintas


Clark Thomas, ADOL

Kim Fischer, ADOL

Tonia Cooper, ADOL

Milana Dennis, ADOL

Juanita Matlock, ADOL



Clark Thomas welcomed the group to the Arkansas Department of Labor and gave apologies for James Salkeld and Ed House not attending.  Clarkturned the meeting over to Quinton Simison.


A copy of the minutes was distributed and reviewed by everyone present.  While reviewing the minutes everyone present gave a brief introduction.  The minutes were approved with changes to the Speaker for today’s meeting.  Andy Kelloms had an emergency and will be rescheduled at some future date.



Kim Fischer of ADOL reviewed parts of the Health and Safety Assessment- Form 33, with question and answers on each point.  There are 7 key areas evaluated during the process; 1) Hazard anticipation and detection, 2) Hazard Prevention and Control, 3) Planning and Evaluation, 4) Administration and Supervision, 5) Safety and Health Training, 6) Management Leadership, 7) Employee Participation.


Kim discussed the Employee Participation section of the form (items 50 – 55) which deals with effective processes to involve employees in safety and health policy, resource allocation, training and hazard detection activities.  She also discussed the first 3 items in the Administration and Supervision section (items 26 – 28) which requires all safety and health program tasks be assigned to a person or position for performance or coordination, that the responsibility is clearly communicated and that an accountability mechanism be included with each responsibility.



Conference 2012


Conference themes were discussed; both past themes and potential new ones. Some examples were: The Road to Safety; Keeping Employees Safe; Putting Employees First, Putting Employee Safety First; Working in Harmony (in keeping with Globalization); Protecting our Diamonds in the Workplace (smiling employees); Driving Safety to Another Level. Quinton asked the committee to be thinking of a theme for this conference with the idea that employees are our “diamonds” and perhaps our capital, and their safety is of prime importance.


A Keynote Speaker is still needed, as Walt Coleman has not responded to a number of messages left by Lester Allen.  New suggestions for motivational speakers are television personalities Craig O’Neill and Tom Brannon of KTHV (Today’s THV), Todd Yacobien of KATV inLittle Rockand Wildman Steve Wilson of Game and Fish Commission.  Les Miles was also mentioned.


The deadline for the Sharley Pettit Award nomination is the June Meeting.  The form includes 3 years statistical information.


Lester Allen, of Cintas said he would locate the acrylic flame trophy and pay for it.


Denise Whittaker of Siplast will handle the door prizes. Jake Bowers, with Welspun, left a $100 gift card for Walmart with Milana.  Start bringing door prize at the next meeting.

The letter of invitation to attend the conference will be ready by the June meeting.  Kelly Olivier and Mark Howell will draft the letter.




To defray the cost of the conference and keep expenses down, Quinton asked for sponsors.  If you can sponsor a break or a portion thereof, send your name, pledged amount and what it is to be used for to Milana Dennis, milana.dennis@arkansas.gov  at the Arkansas Department of Labor.  Any amount will be appreciated and the average contribution is $200 to $300.


Some sponsors did speak up and make a pledge: Cameron, Cintas, Producers Rice, Anthony Forest Products, Calion Lumber, G4S,Ashland, BASF, Potlatch andZeroMtn.


There is no meeting in May.  The next meeting is June 15 and will be hosted by Cameron and the topic will be employee wellness as well as the September conference.


Incident Sharing


An EEOC compliant was filed by employee because his company restricted the employee from driving a Lift Truck due to prescription medications.  One of the questions left unresolved from this issue was, are there any legal requirements for an employee to report prescription medication use that may affect ability to operate lift trucks?


Meeting adjourned by Quinton.


Milana Dennis








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