April 2011 Minutes

April 22, 2011

Quinton Simison       Quinton.simison@basf.com

Dennis Sullivan         external.dennis.sullivan@us.bosch.com

Vince Longshore       Vince.Longshore@us.bosch.com

Jim Steinmitz           jsteinmetz@langstonbag.com

Mike Taylor              wmtaylor@ashland.com

Micki Wilbur             wilburn@riggs.com

Chris Beason            chrisbeason@zeromountain.com

Lester Allen             AllenL2@cintas.com

Lea Ann Shivers        LAShivers@GAPAC.com

Ed Phillips                Edward.phillipsjr@GAPAC.com

Angelia Hogan          AThogan@GAPAC.com

Deanna Dykes          Calionlumber@sbcglobal.net

Andy Kelloms           andy.kelloms@falconjet.com

Maranda Lisko          mlisko@producersrice.com

David Hodges           dhodges@producerrice.com

Denis Whittaker        usdha@icopal.com

John Risi                  john.risi@pepsico.com

Mark Howell             mark.t.howell@pepsico.com

Mary Walter             walter.mary@dol.gov

Tommy Short           tshort@usloreal.com

Greg Hill                  ghill@us.loreal.com

Kelly Olivier              k.olivier@anthonyforest.com

Tonia Cooper           cooper.tonia@dol.gov

Clark Thomas           Thomas.clark@dol.gov

Juanita Matlock        Juanita.matlock@arkansas.gov


Sharp/VPP Conference in September:

Motivational Speaker:   Mike Payton with J.A. Riggs confirmed that Vance Strange will be the motivational speaker for the SHARP/VPP conference.

Potential Agenda:


Welcome – Quinton Simison, James Salkeld, OSHA

Keynote Speaker

Conference Agenda

Fed OSHA/Consultation Update


Lunch @11:30

Breakout Sessions???


Theme:  Several were brought up.  A Committee will be formed to work on the theme.


Sponsors for Breaks:  Quinton Simison/BASF; Lester Allen/Cintas; Chris Beason/ZeroMountain


Potential Topics (not in any particular order):


  1. Behavior Based Safety/ 60 Second Interdependence – Lester Allen or Denise Whittaker
  2. Coaching & Feedback/Engagement. – Surveys are out there – Survey Monkey (Internet Based) Lester Allen, Denise Whittaker or Angela Hogan???
  3. Conducting Effective Safety Committee Meetings – Clark Thomas
  4. Make Training Interesting – Mark Howell
  5. Presentation byDavisLayne – Speak about National Conference?
  6. Ergonomics – Tommy Short
  7. NFPA 70E – Representatives from Cintas
  8. How to apply for membership in the Sharp/VPP Program –
  9. New Fall Protection Proposed Standards (Gen.Ind.) –
  10. OSHA Update – Federal OSHA –  Carlos Reynolds/Mary Walter
  11. Hazard Recognition
  12. Earthquake Safety
  13. Combustible Dust



Door Prize Committee   Theme Committee   Schedule Committee  
Denise Whittaker Mark Howell Lea Ann Shivers
Lea Ann Shivers Andy Kelloms
Dennis Sullivan 
 Angela Hogan
Deanna Dykes 


Other topics:

Try to establish a separate conference track at the National Conference inNew Orleans,LA

June is National Safety Month – check out One Millions Acts of Safety at this website:



Next Thursday – ADEM and other agencies will be holding Earthquake Awareness:  Search on Internet “Great American Shake Out”

Cameron V&M will host and provide lunch for the June 17th SHARP/VPP Meeting.  As we get closer to the date, I would like to have estimated # attendees for lunch purposes.  (and any special dietary needs).  RSVP with Anita Matlock

Proposed  Agenda:

10:00-10:10  Welcome to Cameron Visitors Safety Briefing and Introductions  — Cameron Staff

10:10-10:30  SHARP/VPP Update  — Quinton Simison

10:30-11:00  Cameron Presentation on S-6

11:00 -11:30 Cameron Presentation Risk/Hazard Reduction Strategy (Hazard Risk Assessments)

11:30-12:15  Onsite Lunch

12:15-12:45  Plant Tour  (all visitors must wear closed- toe shoes for tour)

12:45-1:00    Quinton Simison/Clark Thomas/Mary Walters, etc

General directions:

If coming via I30 from the East (Downtown/I440/I530) take the65th streetexit, (caution service road entrance is a slight right then immediate left turn) continue service road until you see our sign,   park in the main (EAST) parking lot and enter through the main bldg entrance.

If arriving from the West (Benton, I430) exit at Scott Hamilton, turn left onto Scott Hamilton, then turn Right at 69th street, then Right on Murray Street, then another Right onto Service Road. Continue service road until you see our sign,   park in the main (EAST) parking lot and enter through the main bldg entrance.

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