April 2010 Minutes

Arkansas SHARP/VPP Meeting Minutes-April 16, 2010



Quinton Simison, BASF,West Memphis

Dennis Sullivan, Bosch,West Memphis

Kim Fischer, ADOL,Little Rock

Mark Howell, Frito Lay,Jonesboro

Ben Thompson, McBride Dist.,Fayetteville

Lea Ann Shivers, GP Studmill, Crossett

Ed Phillips, GP Studmill, Crossett

Don A. Long, PBCDF, White Hall

Trevor Hamilton,AllianceRubber,Hot Springs

LaShonda Daniels, ADOL,Little Rock

Tonia Cooper, ADOL,Little Rock

Jaunita Matlock, ADOL,Little Rock

Andy Treat, Cintas, Searcy

Lester Allen, Cintas, Searcy

Kelly Olivier, Anthony Forrest,El Dorado

Denise Whitaker, Siplast, Arkadelphia

Jim Pumphrey, ADOL,Little Rock

Mary Walter, OSHA,Little Rock




The Arkansas SHARP/VPP Association met at 10:00 a.m. on Friday April 16, 2010 at the Arkansas Department of Labor building inLittle Rock.


Clark Thomasopened the meeting. There was an introduction of everyone in attendance.ClarkThomasreminded everyone that if they were parked in a red line area, they would need to move as these spots are for the Director and his entourage…

Clark and Nita showed a 50-yr plaque that was to be presented to Entergy of Stamps, AR.  This represents 50 years of no accidents.



The topic of the month was Ergonomics. EdPhillipsfrom theGeorgia-PacificCrossettStudmillhad a PowerPoint presentation to share with everyone on the different types of ergonomic issues his mill faces and the changes they had made to address these issues.


Mr.Clarkled a discussion on communication and employee involvement.  He was very interested in the feedback as to how to increase both communication and involvement.  He then askedTrevorto discuss with the group recent problems his site had been experiencing.  The “advice” to him was to be pro-active vs. after the fact.  We then discussed Light Duty Work as there are many different interpretations…


Juanita Matlock went over details about the SHARP/VPP Conference in September that will be held at the Holiday Inn/Airport inLittle Rock. She went over the layout of the rooms that we will be using including the Hospitality Suite that will be used for the Meet & Greet. The hotel will also provide shuttle for guests to from the airport & the downtown area.


Clark Thomas asked if there was anyone who wanted to sponsor breaks for the conference.





Break Sponsors


  • Lester      Allen – Cintas
  • Ben      Thompson – Mc Bride Distr.
  • Lea      Ann Shivers – Georgia Pacific
  • Mark      Howell – Calion Lumber



Topic Committee


  • Ben      Thompson – Mc Bride Distr.
  • Mark      Howell – Calion Lumber
  • Denise      Whittaker – Siplast
  • Lea      Ann Shivers – Georgia Pacific



Theme for Conference


“SHARP & VPP Making Safety Win In 2010.”


Kim Fischer will have a Logo for the conference available at the next meeting.


Lea Ann Shivers has agreed to be the VPP Representative for conference mail out letters and Denise Whittaker will be the SHARP Representative for the mail out letters.


Lesterhad a topic that he wanted to discuss with the group.  He had attended the Region VI Conference and was an advocate for the Write Right Now program.  VPP needs government support and this has been up in the air recently.  Quinton made a motion andBenseconded it to grant approval toLesterto send a letter representing VPP/SHARP inArkansas.  The group approved this wholeheartedly


Quinton Simisonintroduced & welcomed Mary Walter, the new acting VPP Coordinator.


Kelly Olivier will discuss Fire Protection & Detection in the next upcoming meeting. He will also be preparing Cajun food for the meeting.


Upcoming Events


  • May 21st      SHARP/VPP Meeting 10:00 a.m. at ADOL building.


  • There      will be a Conference Committee Meeting following the group meeting in May.


  • If      there are any upcoming events, inform Quinton Simison so it can be put in      the minutes.


Meeting Adjourned


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